givinghealthylife.com since it would not interrupt sleep patterns. The ill effects of blue light So what effect does blue light really have on the body? Unfortunately, it is not just that it affects sleep. Excessive exposure to blue light has now been linked to weight gain, heart disease, depression and even some forms of cancer. Melatonin has anticancer properties and low levels at night can increase the risk of cancer. In one study, women who worked night shifts had low levels of melatonin and a 50 to 75% higher risk of developing breast cancer in their lives. People who are exposed to blue light at night have a lower level of insulin production. This means that the snacks that you eat when you get up late do not break down into glucose and the body uses them. Instead, they become fat and increase body weight. Not only that, low insulin levels mean that diabetes can be a complication of exposure to blue light. But it's not just the adults who are affected. The children seem to be very affected by the blue light as well. Children and babies who watch their favorite cartoon on their mobile phone are exposed to a lot of blue Click for more info>>>http://givinghealthylife.com/


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